What Addison does:

Addison a multi-disciplinary creative, with ideas and strategy that originate by thoroughly understanding how consumers think and make decisions in regards to brands, products and the arts. Addison utilizes insights to inspire, innovate and maintain relevancy with culture through creativity. Addison has worked to build strategy growth with businesses and organizations across industries by understanding complex societal structures and behaviors of their consumers. With a background in both luxury, mainstream retail and consumer insights, she is inspired to give a feel of humble authenticity to visually engage and connect with consumers. She loves problem solving to create selling experiences and products through the translation of images, art and design. Addison gives a fresh perspective that provides the consumer an experience beyond the visual art-being able to spark a light. Addison is commitment to her craft is an inspiration as she embraces her gifts in society to document the history of connected cultural experiences through art and design.

Addison Jones old studio 04
My Why:
Addison Jones old studio 04

The thing I love most with photography is communicating a person, place, or object in a way that the creator intended it. 

I often consider myself bi-lingual, because sometimes I can’t put words to it, I have visually show it. It’s how I communicate.

Designers often have an untold story or creative process that without being an artist, people can overlook. I get joy out of understanding and capturing their creative spirit (their language) to communicate it for the world to see and to interpret it.

Each location whether it be a home, hotel or landscape has a very special voice. I am always excited to capture a moment in time where you don’t have to be there to feel what that voice transporting people.

Furthermore, when I am shooting a person, my favorite moments are being able to capture their soul and to pull out what makes them a gem.

All of these combined makes me speak the language I do. 

I’m inspired by minimal space, old buildings, light, nature, skateboarding, human interaction and creation.

My studio used to be in an old ballroom. It hadn’t been occupied since the 1960’s.



Addison Jones is the founder of iiilibervive foundation that started in 2021 to provide opportunities, education and facilities for manufacturing to artists and designers to partner/collaborate with luxury brands with shared values.

As a creative, she saw there was a need for a collaborative network that would foster global design resources for artisans and designers to innovate through the arts. Built on a belief that supports creative development, this contributes to a positive economic impact both locally and globally while also endorsing quality of life.

Select Clients

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Ashford Castle


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Vail Resorts

Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder for Rudis

Designer Dawn Sweitzer

Designer Shannon Kosyk


Notre Monde

Craft Associates Furniture

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