I am a light seeker.
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How did you become an artist? My family was a crew of creatives that embraced holistic design and welcomed to think “outside the box” to solve problems. My mother is a world renowned designer+creative director and my father is a musician, being a creative was in my blood. They helped me understand and foster my creativity in art+design and inspired my career path. I realized how fortunate I was that my creativity was fully embraced.
Where did you receive your fine arts training?

I took an unconventional path and did artist residency’s around the world to explore business, arts and culture. I have amazing opportunities to speak to wild characters, business and creative innovators and leaders across multiple industries. I chose the opportunity to learn through deliberate hands-on learning because thats how I became interested. I became interested in why design was impactful through touch, feel, lines, weight and just the essence. Being around quality is just in my blood and that goes with people too;)

Addison Jones studios 3
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My Why:
contemporary photographers Addison Jones Hanoi Vietnam 25

The thing I love most with photography is communicating the essence of a person, place, or object in a way that the creator intended it. 

I often consider myself bi-lingual, because sometimes I can’t put words to it, I have visually show it. It’s how I communicate.

Designers often have an untold story or creative process that without being an artist, people can overlook. I get joy out of understanding and capturing their creative spirit (their language) to communicate it for the world to see and to interpret it.

Each location whether it be a home, hotel or landscape has a very special voice. I am always excited to capture a moment in time where you don’t have to be there to feel what that voice transporting people.

Furthermore, when I am shooting a person, my favorite moments are being able to capture their soul and to pull out what makes them a gem.

All of these combined makes me speak the language I do. 

I’m inspired by minimal space, old buildings, light, nature, skateboarding, human interaction and creation.


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My favorite thing in the world is to give. Actually, I have been told I give too much but I do think it is a basic principle in life. Give and you shall receive. That’s why I knew I would love every moment starting my own foundation. Built on a belief that supports creative development, I contribute to a positive economic impact both locally and globally while also endorsing quality of life.

I do this by inspired action when I am in the field. Those have been local tribes, Artists whom need a boost, single mothers.

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More Info:

Photography commercial work:

I am blessed to be on sites with Aman Resorts, New York Times, Tyra Banks, Crate+Barrel,The Swanky Family Brands.

Where have you shown your work?

My work is in both public (museums, galleries, embassies, shows, retail) and private collections and has been featured in Architectural Digest,Elle Decor, Buzzfeed.

Where are you based?

My foundation is in Ohio but as you see, I work globally.