When I went to Iceland the very first thing I KNEW I wanted to do was go on a private Ice Cave tour. I have always loved ice and glaciers so when I found this, it was a sealed deal. When we first came upon these, this is what it looked like. I wasn’t too sure where the ice cave actually was, but I was just in shock at how beautiful it was from the outside.

With this specific tour we had to ice pick our way across the ice into the cave, and repel down into it.

When you get in, this is what it looks like. Freaking beautiful, right?!

   As you go down deeper you see the actual cave.

  The color is out of this world. The light shining through the ice. Plus, the details of the ice is insane. Everywhere you look it’s a piece of art. I was so pumped I was able to do this. Literally changed my life.

Tierra Hotel

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  • Sundra Taylor July 6, 2018

    Wow, this is absolutely amazing. Such a beautiful place. Iceland is and has been a place on my bucket list for quite some time. Still looking forward to going. Thank you for posting, you make it look and sound so much more beautiful. Will reply back when it is my turn to go. 🙂

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