I grew up in a family of artists and adventurers in the heart of the Midwest. My childhood homes were filled with sleek mid-century furniture, rich textiles and striking art. I explored countless artistic opportunities on the heels of a talented and nurturing family, fostering creative instincts that would lead me to my current profession.

One of my earliest influences was my mom, Laura, a brilliant designer and certified badass. She owned her own retail design firm and worked as a creative director in the corporate world, so I grew up around skilled photographers and on elaborate sets.  I used to skip school and tag along to shoots, solidifying early notions of good photography and strong design. That and the photographers used to slip me licorice when my mom wasn’t looking. I was bound to fall in love either way.

During my collegiate experience at Ohio State, I studied graphic design and interned with several renowned photographers. It was a summer-long stint in Hawaii that set my desire to photograph ablaze. The lush jungles and outstretched beaches were too good to leave as memories alone. So I began photographing in earnest, learning more about the camera, it’s capabilities – and myself.

Back in Ohio, I shot high-end furnishings when I joined my family’s thriving business, TheSwankyAbode.com. But it was my passion for capturing people that prompted me to open my own studio and dive into a career as a professional photographer.